Saturday, January 29, 2011

oh but wait....

Ok... i know what some of you are saying.... what resturaunt did they go to tonight.... well, stay tuned and keep COMMENTING.... because the night did not go as planned.
(check yesterday's post and leave a comment for a prize!!!!)

The day today was hectic and crazy.... i drew on a chalk wall, i drew on the walls of my booth, it all got done and thanks to my friends.... who helped. It's all done.
.......and then..... i found Joanne. The gal that is helping me with me art - so instead of going to the 5 cent diner ( which is the winner so far).... i had dinner with joanne and another licensor at the marriott. Karen and John went back to anaheim, kurtis and alli went for sushi and at about midnight... we got home. Joanne critiqued my portfolios, told us what to expect in the booth and told me of some art buyers that she is bringing by the booth. LONG, LONG day... and the show starts tomorrow. We have to be there at like 8am.... did i say it's after midnight?
goodnight all!

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