Wednesday, February 9, 2011

altered beer box... waiting for text...

almost done... here are the ruffles... LOVE ruffles right now
here's making the ruffles
use a pen and a torn little 1" piece of book page ( you know, like those old tissue paper flowers - updated....)
Here they are on the box... looking ruffle-y
i added a painted red heart, used my favorite teesha moore oil pastels and left it alone... ready for the text... bring on the text.

and, in usual lindsay order... this should have been the first picture. So after i decopauged it... i finger painted white onto the book pages and then finger painted a heart on the front and back..... work backwards to see all the next steps. The finished step will be next. SHOW ME YOURS!!!! Please..... i'm dying here... crafting alone, knowing that you guys are all out there crafting alone too.
Oh and wait for tomorrow's post....
a true love story!!!

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