Wednesday, February 9, 2011

a true love story.....

Today, my mom and dad are celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary. Truly amazing and fabulous.
I always wanted to plan a cool 50th anniversary party for them and now here we are at 65 years and I never did. So.... since i know they are both blog readers... i will embarass them with my favorite story instead. I may not have it right... but it will be close... so here goes...
They both went to school at Fairfax High in Los Angeles ( home of the Red Hot Chili Peppers - don't worry mom, if you don't know who they are - just a rock band)... and they got married when they were right out of high school and my dad was headed into the army - WWII.
They met while my mom was a Southern California champion bowler and was bowling at La Cienega Lanes. My dad, was a pin boy.... so, for all you youngsters... before the pins were picked up electronically; someone had to stand back there behind the pins and restack them. So... you might say that my mom was right up my dad's alley!!! See... now you know why that would have been a great party! They wanted a conservative party at a steak house, go figure!
When they were first married they were some of the founding members of the Sierra Club. When they brought me home, my mom actually hiked with me on her back to the top of Mt. Whitney. And... for the first 6 months of my life i slept in a dresser drawer... because it was all they could afford. Super cool (we still have that dresser...) Awesome.
My dad had a job... which he did just to make a living.... I know his real love was photography. He hung with the likes of Ansel Adams, John Sexton and others.... who he and my mom now just call friends. So cool! My mom worked for a friend when she was younger who owned a lithograph house and published cool pop art for some big artists (think campbells soup cans...) ... she worked just for art. So, I grew up surrounded by amazing art and photos. Now... they have a library in their name at the University of San Diego. Way to rock and roll guys!!!

On their first date, they went to POP
(Pacific Ocean Park) in Santa Monica and my dad won my mom a Pinocchio Chalk Doll. They still have it in a plastic case in their house.They have been big disney fans ever since. Zipadedoodah!!!
Happy Anniversary to the best couple i know. I know that I say that anniversarys are private between two people and that's why I never send cards.... but what the heck...after 65 years... well, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Love you guys.... don't be mad at me for posting this, it's just between you and me and a few lovely folks!!!


Mountain Mom said...

Wow Lindsey, what a testimony to true love. So inspiring. What a great example of what a marriage ought to look like. Loved how you still have the dresser you slept in as a baby. The older folks sure knew how to make do in a pinch, didn't they? I hear stories about how mom grew up on a river bottom farm in Missouri, right next to the Merimac river. She tells such good stories. She is 81 and I swear she has more energy than I do. Don't know what her secret is but she swears by garlic. Says it not only keeps the vampires away but sickness too.

Susan said...

So sweet. You are a lucky girl Lindsay to have such wonderful parents and they are lucky to have you as their wonderful daughter.

Anonymous said...

65 years! Wow! What a lovely story. You sound like a proud daughter. And well you should be. Congratulations to your parents.


mdramise said...

What a neat are blessed to have great caring parents. Way to go MOM and DAD...CONGRATS

Jabi said...

Aww.. It has been a while since I read such a story. ~A Moving One~

Alli Labarbera said...

I LOVE their story!!! One of my favorite parts of our trip to CHA was sitting with you, Karen ad Kurtis at the 5 cent diner telling LOVE stories of how we all met our significant others... Theirs is one of my all time favorites!!! Your parents are truly amazing! Xx, Alli

Dogwood said...

Such a sweet story.
I love all the photos.
What a great tribute to you mom and dad.
Love is the greatest!

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love "Love Stories", I sure do. I bet your Mom and Dad were just beaming when they read your blog. They were definitely your inspiration.

Happy Anniversay to the Love Birds.

Hugs, Chris