Sunday, February 13, 2011

Super Bowl... Super Blog challenge

It's the day before Valentines day.... we celebrated today, and crafted and I got THE BEST Valentine's gift ever. Tune in tomorrow to take a peek at it. The cherry blossom's are out - false spring... because the snow is coming back day after tomorrow. Bye, bye 65 degree weather. Sad.
Now onto the challenge....
Oh but first, here is some of what I used for the winner of our challenge....
I finished my box. I love it so much. There are three jars inside each side to hold paintbrushes, pens, scissors etc.... love it. I am doing another one next.... fun project.
The quote is different on both sides... "there is a fine line between like and love - and - there is a fine line between love and like."
The first entry.... did not totally follow the directions. But she said that she drank alot of coffee all day on Super Bowl Sunday and so she used all the parts and pieces from the coffee cup holder to make a cute thank you note... Good Job.
This entry is a recycled sour cream container to make a luminaria.
She scalloped the top edge, punched it with a crop-o-dial to make the holes and then used alcohol inks to create the foil affect on the container. Really beautiful... who would have thought this was a sour cream container....
Here is a Pringle's container upcycled with paper and felted flowers to become a knitting needle holder. So cute too!
This person upcycled a beer box container like i did! I love how she showed that she added the water bottles cut down to hold all the office supplies.

Great ideas ladies... thanks for playing! After much thought.... the winner is the Sour Cream tub by..... KAREN SCHUMACHER!!! Congrats Karen. Your prize will be in the mail this week. Thanks also to Alli La Barbera for the starbucks card, to Cory Moore for the knitting needles container and to Joy Deaton for the altered beer bottle box for her daughter Grace. I would have just picked all of you... except i only made one prize. Congrats!!!


Dar said...

What a cool array of fun projects. I think some pringle cans have my Grandloves names on them for this weekend...thanks for encouraging with fun crafts.

Dogwood said...

Congratulations to Karen S.
Great wonderful super cool.
You are the gal with the mostest!

Scatterjoy! said...

Thanks L for the great project adventures you send us on! CONGRATS to Karen...very artsy use of around the house stuff!