Thursday, February 3, 2011

a few last pics!

Just a few last pics of the show..... tomorrow is my CHA review. I have 15 people coming to shee what I have found at the show and hear about it... so, you guys got the full preview. Hope you enjoyed it. The picture above is me at the GCD design booth... i ordered the Funhouse and a few other great pieces.
This is the feltworks fun line from EK Success... i hope heather likes it because I ordered it for the soft crafts department...
a few of the bags all made up... pretty cute kits. Simple and cute.
Ok... so, these are a few of the booths right around mine. In the License and design area. This is Jen Goode's booth... I am now stalking her becuase she is a tech geek ( love that )and she puts smiley faces on everything... so super cute! And... if you like her stuff... you can buy it on zazzle (jgoodedesigns)
this is her booth that she shared with her friend Carla Schauer... they split it right down the middle. Check Jen's blog too...
Funny thing... she draws with a tablet and cannot draw with a pen... i draw with a pen and cannot draw on the computer. Love her art.... check out her blog
Here is my side of the fortune 5000 aisle... that's my booth to the right and then Julie Fai-Fan Balzer's booth and then
Debra Valencia.... great designers
here is debra's booth again.... she does some beautiful notecards
not sure who's booth this is or why i have it here... it's a blurry mess... but this is an agent that has a bunch of artists stuff.
sad... can't remember this girls name but it looked a bit like mine. I liked it...
and then i found my friend Rena Veerkamp Askey - i didn't even know she got signed by an agent... but she did. Good for you miss rena. You are still my idol!!! Love you....
These were some of Rena's boothmates. I just wish she was there - I would sure like to meet her someday. We are soul sisters! check out here blog... she is amazing! And... she is my friend.

Here was donna downey's booth... so cute. I think she has her own line of fabric out. I don't know her.. but i love her stuff... and i love the muslin she hung on her walls... she must have had yards and yards of it. Love it!
so that's my time at CHA....
now , onto a challenge. Watch for the
Super Bowl Sunday post for our next challenge.....
It will be posted the night before the super bowl... so I hope you all will check in and play.
Are you ready for some crafting?
Let's get ready to rumble!!!!
Goals for the next few days....
- make my call backs
-watch both hallmark valentine movies this weekend
-paint something nice
-finish and art quilt
-pay bills... really? Yep... yes i am!


starrdusk said...

Great preview. Thanks for the show and the trip. We were all with ya.

Jen Goode said...

love love love all the fabulous pictures! Thank you so much for sharing links to my stuff too, that is so sweet of you. It was great to meet you and hang out across the isle together for 4 days. You made the show so much more fun!! Keep rockin' that fantastic art!