Friday, February 4, 2011

ice, ice baby!

i found a few more pics of products from CHA and then onto the ice resin! I loved all this. From We R Memory Keepers, the SEW EASY tool and new carrying case is great. Right now we sell the tool ( for like $7.99) and 6 different heads ( for like $2.99) at Ben's . Super easy to use and super fun. They are made for stitching onto paper. Now they make a cute carrying case for all the pieces.
Even better is their new carded floss. They have take my favorite bakers twine and carded it in color groups so that you don't have to buy a huge spool. Whisker Graphics still carrys the big spools of twine, if you need alot!
Here's a couple of the new heads... so , sew cute! Unfortunately... these won't be in until May... but they are lovely.
Now onto my new favorite product... ice resin!

It's a two part mixture and you can see more idea on the owner/ creators blog - Susan Lenart Kazmer or check out the
So, my favorite thing at the show was ICE RESIN. I have not played with it, until today and I can't wait to create some fun projects with my ice resin papers. We will be getting in the book, and the 2 part ice resin & the book - by Jen Cushman
( below ) and... i hope to teach a class with it soon. But for now, here's what we did with it today...
We took a trash bag ( we found that a black trash bag works better or a craft mat) and layed out some book pages, some with my own lettering on it and then some handmade paper. I still want to try coffee filters, tissue paper, paper towels and napkins.
Here is a close up of the book papers that I did my lettering on. This is already coated with the resin.
Here we are showing painting on the ice resin... i think you want a really thin coat and we found that the temp in the room, is important. You do want it a bit warmer than cooler. It takes about 6-8 hours to dry.
You can paint it on of pour it on and then spread it with a foam brush or part of a sponge. Either way, coat it thin and then flio it over and coat it again.
Here is the love page before the ice resin went on.
It's a 2 part mix so you want equal parts of both the resin and the hardener. You need to stir to a bit until the bubbles are gone and it looks clear. It's very sticky... so wear latex gloves. Really.
Here is the color it should look like when it's mixed correctly
Be really careful with the pouring and mixing... you really want to be sure that your measurements are correct.

So... did i mention that the temp in the room is a factor for drying? Well, it is... and it was super cold in the store today so nothing dried. I will post more pics next week on how it looks finished and what we do with it. Check out the other blogs listed above to see some finished pieces too. Love this stuff. Ok... tomorrow we will post the SUPER BOWL SUPER BLOG CHALLENGE!!!! Can't wait for a new challenge!

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Kristen Robinson said...

YAY I am so so happy you played with the resin it is the BEST!