Sunday, February 27, 2011

Snow more Snow!

well.... this picture sums up the past four days.... and I hear, there is more to come.
we had to go out and brush the snow off of "Lil' Miss Sunshine" three times. Each time there was over a FOOT!
There is little Charley... who loves the snow by the way, but after 4 days of no power and the house cold as all get out.... he found the portable heater. He is sleeping and quiet warm there right now.
Oh... there she is, Lil' Miss Sunshine. Not me, i look more like Annie Oakley or something. But she came through her first snow ever... and she is 5o years old... like a champ. More snow is coming on Tuesday... yikes!!!

So, now that I am done chopping wood, putting snow into buckets so we can flush the toilet, living like a pioneer for four days.... I am thinking towards our next challenge. GET READY for MARCH!!! It will hopefully inspire you and get you motivated to be creative. AND.... i am taking names and addresses for NATIONAL LETTER WRITING month which starts april 1st, so by March 15th... i will pair blog buddies up. Watch for the announcement... or read the little tidbit over in the right column there. Join us... it's the most fun EVER!!!

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Traceyr said...

brr that looks really cold hope you get some heating back on real soon.