Tuesday, February 8, 2011

super bowl, super blog challenge sneek peeks

Ok sports fans, now that the Super Bowl is over (way to go Packers and my little cheesehead friend Rena....), let's chat about the Super Challenge. I have had a ton of questions. So here is what I am doing.

In the last post.... i said beer boxes, beer bottles, pringles cans and sour cream containers.... I am, myself, altering a beer box. As you can see here. I have gessoed and decopauged it so far. So... that's the only sneek peek you get. All entries need to be in by Sunday evening. I wanted to limit the amount of cool super bowl party recyclables so that there would be alot of similar entries... but different. So.... get on the field and kick some fieldgoals! Let's play this game.....

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Anonymous said...

well my Miss AMAZING, haven't been here in awhile...you are so great at snapping photos here there and everywhere...nice blog. The CHA show looked like so much fun and inspiration!!I am honored to be a part of your photos from the show..(hugging Linzi) Can't wait to see what you do with the beer carrier!!! (tapping fingers) I'm waiiiiiiiiiiiting.

xx rena