Friday, March 4, 2011

March Menu.... day four

I have two of your projects to post today. The first one, a fairy shadowbox, was brought into the shop by Chris. It was an UGRA homer made for her by one of our newest members, Claudia. It is so cute.
It's made inside a little box about 2" x 3" tall. She decorated every side, inside and out. It has this cute little poem about the winds of March so I had to share it.
She hinged the little box togehter with ribbons and it ties it shut when you are done looking at the fairy. So cute Claudia... thanks for sharing Chirs!

This little felted dude was e-mailed to me by Shana. She called him just turquoise and orange mushroom. I think he is so so cute that he needs a name. So... i dub him Maxwell Mushroom. I love him... and he is very happy! Thanks to Shana and to Claudia for gracing our post today!

OH yeah.... and.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!! Love you....


Traceyr said...

Wow what a fantastic Mushroom. :)

Createology said...

Very talented people. Love the little fairy box with the poem. Love Mr. Mushroom who looks very fun.