Wednesday, April 20, 2011

recent mailbox goodness...

Ladies.... just thought i would share some of what you all have been sending to each other in the mail. Above is a collection from Tamara of all the cards and letters she has recieved!
the rest of these individual cards are all from Claudia... enjoy.
beautiful iris'
i wonder if these two are from the same photographer buddy
super cute mixed media collage card
love the colors in this ....
perfect for spring.... hurray!!!
oooh that lettering looks familiar....
another one with great colors
look how they painted the fabric on this one... nice!
there is still time to send me pics of the cards and letters that you have sent or recieved.


Claudia said...

Here are the names of the card makers, in order of the way you have them posted.
1. Cory
2. Tamara
3. Connie
4. Paula
5. Chris
6. Janet W
7. Rena
8. Angie
9. Paula
10 Paula (she's my buddy)
Share as you like, Lindsay :-)
This has been the most awesome, educating, creatively fun experience. It's bounced me back in time - to the days of endless notes between friends.

Traceyr said...

What lucky women you all are - love the painted fabric :)

Jabi said...

That was beautiful.. so creative :D