Wednesday, June 29, 2011

drum roll please....

Ok ladies... I need your help. The dictionary challenge is almost over and i need help picking a winner. Please leave a comment, vote once and If your piece is entered... please don't have every friend you went to grade school with vote. Just vote ONCE. I will pick a winner on the 1st of July. Our next challenge... will start on the 1st of July. So... COMMENT!!!!
1. the butterfly wreath ( butterflies with dictionary pages)
2. Dictionary papers birdhouse ( dictionary papers in there somewhere....)
3. A is for artist dictionary page pendant
1- again dictionary butterfly from the butterfly wreath
4. dictionary cuff bracelet
5. garden dictionary tote bag - this person also had the dictionary page tote... can't find the pic of that one :(
6. dictionary hanger
7. dictionary christmas card

VOTE!!! leave a comment... now!
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Gypsy said...

I HAVE to vote for #2!

Joanne said...

#5 - Tote bag

karenb00 said...

Love the hanger!!!

ScatterJoy said...

I vote for the hanger...loved it!