Friday, July 1, 2011

new challenge........self portrait summer

Chuck Close... artist, photographer and self portrait creator....
I have always loved the self portraits of Chuck Close. He was a photograher and artist who used tons of little cubes of colors to paint a portriat of someone. When you stood back, you saw the person... when you got up close, you saw the colors.
that leads us to andy warhol.... he did self portraits of himself with a camera and others of celeb's with paint and a brush.
then there is the art of the self portraits done by kids...

kids art is some of my favorite art. When i was in grade school... i painted a picture of my mom with a big pearl necklace and earrings. I loved it... it looked nothing like her - but neither did Picasso's work!

This is Frieda Kahlo... awesome and wild all at the same time!


So... where is this all leading? You guessed it! It's Summer and time to create a self portrait of YOU! That's the challenge for the month of July.... no prizes, no winners... just you figuring out YOU! Use macaroni, use finger paints, use mosaics, use pencil, use fibers, fabric, sand ... whatever works for you. I want to see them ALL. We will post them and enjoy them all summer long.

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... by the way... voting is still open on the dictionary challenge... too close to call right now. Voting ( by your comment) goes thru July 15th....

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Patti Moore said...

Hey Lindsay! :)

I like the idea of a macaroni self-portrait!... That doesn't feel nearly as intimidating as "ART with a Capitol A"! ;)

I'm sending you one I did recently (BC ~ Before Challenge) for a post on my blog. It's silly... Hope that's OK! :)

Thanks for the arty invite!