Tuesday, January 31, 2012

 A quick little CHA ( Crafts and Hobby Association ) update!
There will be more pics to follow later... but to me, it was
all about the people at this show!
Above is me getting ready to get crafty!
 I took only one class.... suzi blu's art journaling.
She made me wear a bunny hat because i was being too anal and look what came out of it... above.
 then i had a successful stalking. I gave Heidi Grace of
 Cleaver Handmade a scarf I made that was in one of the magazines and now... we're BFF's... love her! (above)
 Hung out with old school buddies... Allison Wong - designer for Creative Cafe, Robert Kauffman and Hampton Arts and Susy Ratto - lettering goddess and designer for EK Success. 
 Karen met her idol... Christie Tomlinson and they shared a moment
 another successful stalking... Lisa Englebrecht
a fabulous letterista!
 Three lettering artists... Me, Carol Snyder ( the first dot letterer) and then Susy Ratto
and just one sneek peek of what i saw and loved... this is from 
Ice Resin... lovely!
More CHA to follow....
tomorrow starts...
come and join the fun on my blog!

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