Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Flat Fanny is ready for the summer....

If it's summer.... 
then, it's Flat Fanny Time!!!
This is the 4th year i think for our friend
Flat Fanny. 
She was named for my grandma,
Fanny Waltman 
and she is a cousin of 
Flat Stanley. 

The idea here is that you
download the picture here ( please print 
as many as you like and pass them out to the masses).
Then you color her, paint her, decorate her, sew her clothes,
make her luggage, change her hairstyle... just like
an old fashioned paper doll. Then, whatever you do 
this summer - Flat Fanny gets to do with you. If you
go to the lake, to the ocean, to see the pyramids in Egypt,
a broadway show.... whatever you do, wherever you go - take Fanny with you. Take pictures of your travels with
Flat Fanny and email them to me ( at
and i will post her adventures here. 

For some of us... it will be a vacation
lived vicariously through others; for others, it will
 become a creative journey back into their childhood 
of playing with paper dolls. 
No prizes... sorry ladies. Just a fun filled 
summer of adventure with 
Flat Fanny!!!!

I hope you join the fun.
(let me know if you have any trouble downloading the picture and I would be happy to email her directly to you...)

1 comment:

Traceyr said...

Downloaded Fanny fine thanks Lindsay. :) Now looking forward to a summer with my new flat friend. x