Thursday, May 31, 2012

Flat Fanny.... the summertime begins!

 alot of you are new to the whole
Flat Fanny thing... so i thought i would explain her a bit further.
Here's a picture of her all dressed up that my
friend Cory made today. Tomorrow, 
she is going to her daughters pottery
painting shop and taking Fanny with her.
I am sure, knowing Cory... that she will email me 
a picture of Fanny having all kinds of fun painting
pottery... and who knows what else she
might get into ( Fanny, not Cory!)

SO..... all you need to do is to download that picture of Fanny
 and print her out. Then dress her - color her, sew clothes, give her a new hairdo with yarn.... be creative. This year, i made her arms 
and legs so you could use a brad and make her moveable. Also...
her brother is coming soon! I got lots of requests for a boy.
If you cannot grab that picture... email me direct
 and i will email you an attachment and
you can print her that way.
she is also on my Pinterest site...
fabecook page... click here!
i hope that makes sense now. 
Flat Fanny is going glamping with me 
this weekend and my little vintage trailer,
little miss sunshine.
Pictures to follow....
Happy Summer!!!

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