Saturday, June 2, 2012

Adventures of Flat Fanny - act one!

Ok ladies.... Fanny has been busy already!!!
Here she is ( above and below ) in Lucca, Italy as
Gina Sophia Fanny.... 
taking in the culture
(thanks to Marilyn!!!)
 Below is Cory's friend, Flat Fanny
getting ready to create pottery at
TPot's Pottery in Truckee
(thanks Cory)
 Below... Tamara's friend
Elpha- Annie.... is ready for a frightful
good summertime!
( thanks tamara!!!)
 Jackie shares her Flat Fanny
enjoying a nice cold beck's on the first 
day of June
( love the glasses... i hope she 
has some time to knit!)
And... Flat Fanny and I are out glamping with
my little miss sunshine and will
post pictures when i return on Monday!
enjoy the weekend!!!!

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Traceyr said...

oo hoo Fanny been really busy already. :)