Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fanny really get's around....

 Here is Fanny gettting on a Southwest flight from Portland to Sacramento ( no strip search this time... thank heavens)
 Here she and I are taking in one of Oregons natural resources... Beer!
Widmer Heferwizen... before our flight
 Carmen and her fanny had the first girl fight yesterday... she made her a rootbeer float and they kissed and made up. 
 Julia's Filomena went to visit kurtis at ben franklin crafts and frames... and he is too cute ( even if he is my boy! )
 then they took in a delicious looking treat at Calebs Creamery and Coffee in Penn Valley... love the retro table top!
 Here is Fanny still on her trip across America... leaving Ogden Utah
And her next mile marker was in Wyoming ... taking in the scenery and the snow fences
 Here she is in Cheyanne, Wyoming... looking at smoke from a fire in Colorado. Be Safe Miss Fanny!
Tamara is showing her Elphaba Annie how to create a wall hanging from pieces found in the thrift stores...
and finally for the day... Flat Fanny and I made it home safe and sound from Portland... although, she did almost get eaten by a giant red rabbit... oh dear!
These are just some of the adventures Flat Fanny has been on so far this summer. Where is your Flat Fanny visiting? I would love to see - email me your pics at
or post on our Flat Fanny Facebook Page... here!

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