Thursday, June 14, 2012

Take your Fanny to work day......

So, i spent the last few days up in Oregon at a mixed media event and doing some import buying of fun new goodies to bring into our store next spring... and Fanny came with me!
She learned about partnering in           creativity.... and she hung out with Tami Hadly Mc Vay...
and with Lita goucher in the office
 she got framed in one of the new frames we will have next spring.
 she found a lovely family of gnomes... and then realized there was Gnome one home... hehehe
 this little vignette was set up for Easter 2013
 She found a lovely bling chandelier... she loves bling!
Somehow, she got stuck and trapped in a birdcage... don't worry, she found a way out
 She had a temporary trip to Hawaii and got a lei...
And last she tried out the photo shoot table...
man, she is pooped!!!
 and then ther is news from the road....
Fanny is now in Columbia, Missouri  and she got 
to see a stelth bomber on the way there!
And here is Fanny in Nebraska taking a little break
at the park with Helen and her family

what's happening with your Fanny?
I would love to see pictures...
email me at
or add it to our facebook page...

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