Sunday, June 17, 2012

Full weekend for Fanny....

So... these are not even all the pics yet from Fanny's adventures this Father's day weekend... so I am going with the short descriptions... hope you don't mind.
(above - fun with words from Carmen)
taking a break in Nebraska with Helen
In Missouri with Helen
with Ann at a cool museum in San Diego
with Ann again
Lynette's Fanny is ready for Traveling...
oops.... sorry, no fanny here... but i like the art - i should, i drew it... so i am leaving it here.
Julia left her Fanny at home and so she drew this one at dinner and took her with her...
Here's is Julia's Fanny in the middle of I5 in California on the way to Southern California
Ann and her puppy friend with Fanny
Fanny at the museum with Fanny
Ann and Fanny at the museum with a real caliope
at the Giesel Library in San Diego with Ann... very cool
Ann's Puppy Friend found another friend and introduced him to Fanny...

Ok, so these two doggies are named little Dog and big Dog and they went to Little Dog Lake in Canada with Erin Fish ( sorry... it's just too funny of a big play on words not to share!!!)

Here is Fanny getting ready to go on the boat to Little Dog Lake...
Buckle up Fanny...
Fanny being bored waiting for Erin and her hubby and big dog and little dog to go to the lake on the boat!
Saftey first miss Fanny...
love the arm floaties
 Chris, Elaine and Fanny in Virginia with Helen....
 after leaving Custards Last Stand in WYoming...Valerie and her husband took Flat Fanny and Felix to see the Devil's TOwer
They spent the night in the WalMart parking lot in their moter home ( i hear that's quite the thing to do...)

And Fanny and Felix had vegimite, cheese and tomato sandwiches for fathers day lunch...
The Carpenter ( my husband ) and Fanny getting ready for a day in the woodshop.... fun day!
Fanny almost got her head chopped off... but my husband gave us the shop rules and we were fine...
Fanny giving approval for my almost finished birdhouse... and yes those are beer bottle caps and yes, we did drink all those - not in one day... but over the past few years.
Fun weekend
to all the dad's out there!!!!

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