Thursday, June 7, 2012

a few more fannys....

 Judith shared her fanny hanging out in the Art Department 
of Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames
 Oh Look, Judith's Flat Fanny finally found a flat friend... Judith is gonna be doing an entry of Flat Fanny's Favorite things every time she sends in a new picture. Can't wait to see all Fanny's favs!

 Tamara's Fanny found her way into her trailer...
 man oh man, that is one damn cute trailer....
very inspiring Tamara!!!
This post is a not quite done Fanny from Terrill.... she took her with her to her booth at the Montrose Arts and Crafts Fair ( an event that i created 29 years ago... how can that be, i am only 25!).... looks like Terrill makes some cute steampunk jewelry. I hope when Fanny get's born to Terrill that she is a steampunk girl!
Gwen shows her Flat Fanny in the back of her ride after camping for the weekend. It was a fabulous weekend!

Ok... i couldn't resist. I had to show my flat fanny... get it? Those are my cute flea market shorts that i got for $15. Can you believe that someone sold these gems that her mom made for her? She should be sent to sit in the corner. But those babies are mine now... and loved! 
what's you Flat Fanny up to...?

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Traceyr said...

Love the hair on Judith's doll and your shorts are very decorative. :)