Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Humpday with Flat Fanny....

 Judith shared her Flat Fanny at Ben Franklin's... enjoying a little pot ( hehehe ) in Grass Valley
 Karen's Flat Fanny went to therapy and got a massage... jealous!
( she did have a tough weekend, she drank a bottle of vino all by herself... Fanny, i mean... not Karen of course!)
 Ann shows us her whole class playing the where's waldo game with Fanny... well, where's Fanny???
 Here is Ann's Fanny before she got lost in that big kindergarden classroom... at St. James Academy
 Carolyn has gone over the top and made Flat Fanny some flat folk friends and gave those friends two friends. Her girlfriend has a pocket to hold her treasures and her boy buddy i think, is hiding a frog... SO CUTE! I hope these kids find their way to my house!
Karen and her Grandkids Lilu and Mia made some Flat Fannys and friends ( a couple of parrots) and there are plans to add a cat... hmmm, a cat and two birds. Not sure that's gonna work out so well. 

My Flat Fanny and i will be taking a break for a day or so to get ready for my daughters high school graduation. So excited... pictures to follow! Keep those fanny pics coming..... oh and we now have a facebook page group if you would like to join us... click here for that

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