Tuesday, June 5, 2012

more Flat Fanny Fun.... and a FRIEND!!!

First.... so many of you wanted a boy for Fanny, so
here he is... meet Felix! He is her brother, a son, a friend, a dad
a whatever male companion you like! And he comes with a few 
friends for Fanny and Felix... have fun with these!
 Karen and Fanny took a well needed vino break
after a day of crafting.... 
 Ann and Fanny went for a french toast breakfast 
on Friday...
 Here is  a close up of Ann's Flat Fanny...
she is so bright and summery
and here is Cory's fanny hanging out
waiting to paint pottery at TPot's Pottery
in Truckee....

Today... Judith and Cory took their Fanny's to see my favorite movie - The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. They all give it two thumbs up. 
 Tamara... made prayer flags and Fanny helped... see her there, she is green! Oh so green...
 Carolyn says that her fanny is annoyed to find out that her traveling companion is an old lady - especially since all the other fanny's are having fun. ( oh so not true, Carolyn... look how happy she is and ready to travel!)  She says she will have to work hard to make her happy... maybe a cross country trip from North Carolina to Arizona... i wish i could go with you both! Keep us posted on her travels... she is lovely!
Karen had a play day with Wendy today... a crafternoon, actually and Flat Fa Ny was born. She is Fanny's Asian cousin... well, she is ah so sweet! Can't wait to see Wendy's... hehehe.

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Traceyr said...

haha these are so funny! Thanks for a friend for Fanny and some pets. :)