Sunday, July 8, 2012

a weekend with Fanny

Carolyn took Fanny to an art bee...
 Here is Carolyn's Fanny and her new wardrobe.
 Here is Carolyn's Fanny in her birthday suit... almost
 Helen's Flat Fanny is still making her way around the east coast and here she is taking part in a water fight ( it's really hot back there)
 Ann's Fanny had a fabulous treat this weekend
 Cory's Fanny went button shopping at Ben's 
and then she went to starbucks
 Cory made a new Flat Fanny to send to her blog buddy from National Letter Writing Month... Saucy Chick Sherry. I know she is going to love her!
 From across the Atlantic... Tracey's pretty in pink Fanny went strawberry picking and by the looks of her hair... i would say that she has eaten a bunch of berries.
Yummy weekend across the globe!
This week, my Fanny and I will be going to the Sisters Quilt Show in Sisters Oregon... we are so excited.
Where is your Fanny headed to this weekend???
email me some pictures...

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Traceyr said...

Do I spy one of the girls sporting a broken arm? I wish her on the mend very soon.