Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Where Bloggers Create....

Here i am ( can you find me? ) ... in my studio. 
Check back this weekend - Jult 13th for pictures of my studio.

 Karen, over at MY DESERT COTTAGE is hosting a blog hop and she is featuring me and my studio. So excited to be a part of this. Check out Karens blog - here. My son the photographer took some great shots of my work space and all the cool goodies inside. Here is a beautiful picture he just took. Check out his website.... here - kurtis ostrom photography

So.... please come back on the 13th to see what's going on inside the Creator of Cutness' craftroom. That's me... Lindsay, the creator of cuteness. Cute huh?
now for the latest adventures of Flat Fanny

* * * 

Here is Fanny headed to Alaska 
( i think she has been on two cruises this summer )

Here is Fanny hanging out in a succulent garden.
Ann postedthis pic too of her Fanny with ET. 
Not sure where this is... but i hope Fanny is not going home with him!

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