Thursday, August 16, 2012

what color is your trailer?

On the drawing table tonight
(in 103 degree heat... oh my)
Trailer pendants
So excited to draw these. I am going to finish the necklaces this weekend. Got a trailer? Need a pendant to wear proudly? Or maybe you want a trailer... just email me your color and I will make you one. They will look like this and you can find them on my etsy site now, but just no trailers yet
See... this is what they look like when they are done.
So cute with the trailers... right?

and... taa dah - i finished this piece and wanted to share it tonight. I love it. This will be on etsy next week. Love the bright colors... they make me feel like it's just not as hot as it really is outside.
stay cool blog buddies!!!

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Traceyr said...

Loving your work with these colouring pencils on kraft paper they look really soft and summery. :)