Sunday, September 2, 2012

Birthday month blog challenge... it's about time...

Today... is my birthday.
Let's have a blog challange, shall we?
Oh goodie...
it's been a while
Here's the deal...
Use only RECYCLED* products to create a piece that to you 
depicts your success. Maybe it's family, friends, 
wealth, spirituality... whatever.
Ok... so you have a whole month.
September 2nd to October 2nd.
Here's the prize.
One of my favorite surfaces lately are the little 2x2" blocks that come from the remnants of wood that my husband uses to make cabinets. Just wood and colored pencils.
So... here's how.
* Upload a picture to my email
* I will post it here
* Have your friends, family and countrymen come over to the blog and post a comment... campaign for yourself ( after all, it is an election year)
* I will tally the votes and declare a winner!
* Yippie... sounds like fun?

* what's recycled? Well the cardboard from a box here that i used in my journal page, a cereal box, milk carton, tissue, toilet paper roll... come on... anything that would go into the trash or a combination of things that would go into the trash to create a mixed media of recycled goodness... ready, set.. GO!

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Createology said...

A Very Happy Birthday to you Lindsay Dear! Celebrate and enjoy your entire year until your next birthday and then begin all over again. Special Hugs to You...