Saturday, September 1, 2012

the sink saga....

so.... i was playing on pinterest tonight and came across this super cute candy bar. It's so bright and cheery and I love it. It's how i picture the way i would decorate my table for my birthday tomorrow. But instead of getting ready for my birthday, after being home all alone all day and having nothing but time to get ready.... I dealt with a clogged kitchen sink. All day. All day... did i mention that I spent all day on trying to unclog it. Well... my husband is out of town for a few days. Oh, he will be back tomorrow night for my birthday. But of course... this stuff always happens when he is gone. Always. 
Ok, just picture me.... this isn't me - come on, i am gonna be 54 tomorrow... i wish this was me. Anyway, picture me under the sink all day long. I took all the pipes apart and cleanned them out - several times - NOTHING. Still clogged. Then, a friend from work took pitty on me and had her husband call and talk me through it. Oh yeah... he is a plumber. Still nothing. Then, my husbands best buddy saw my plea on facebook and he came over with his snake... still nothing. Oh well. No baking birthday cake, no making potato salad. And no unclogged drain. 
On the bright side... I did get alot of art done today while waiting for the poopy smell in the kitchen to go away and the drain to drain. These are my littl 2"x2" blocks that I will be adding to ETSY tomorrow. I kinda love the pumpkin and the moon... cute. Anyway... I hope your Labor Day weekend is going better than mine so far. I will be 54 tomorrow.... and all i want for my birthday is - a plumber! Haahaha.... Happy Holiday!


Traceyr said...

Happy Birthday Lindsay . . . hope you get a plumber to the rescue.

Have a lovely day. :) x x

Joy said...

Happy Belated birthday, Lindsay! Talk about pipe dreams!

At least you got a lot of kind-hearted friends!

Hope you had a good one!