Monday, October 29, 2012

a book of Joy...

even though i am excited about halloween...
after all, i get to be part of a fabulous haunted house
i am very scary...
i am really looking forward to the challenge coming up.

Joy... an avid blog reader and buddy
made a fabulous book 
for the 22 days of Gratitude
which starts on Thursday November 1st
she made it out of paint chips... isn't it sweet?
I can't wait to see it all filled up.

are you
i hope so.
each and every day is a gift...
find just one small thing to be thankful for every day in November
22 days of Gratitude
and please share this with your friends
eveyone needs to be grateful for the little things...
look for them and 
document them.

1 comment:

Traceyr said...

oooooo you do look very scary Lindsay! have a good halloween!

I will be joining in but haven't got a book ready. I think I might write each one on a tag or something and then make a journal page with them still not sure. :)