Saturday, October 27, 2012

BOO! It's almost Christmas....

Scary isn't it?
Today i spent the day taking photos of all my ornaments 
and adding them to my etsy site. 
Every year for oh... about the past 30 years i have painted hundreds of ornaments. People hunt me down now and need them year after year. 
I have no store front anymore but they find me. 
It becomes a family tradition... first Christmas' together, new babys, wedding proposals... yep, I have done ornaments for proposals. 
I thought about not doing them this year. 
But today... i found them all, shot new photos and watched
Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel
and... it's not even Halloween yet.
But... it's done and I am glad I am doing them once again.
they are now ready for purchase....

1 comment:

Traceyr said...

wow you make painting on a curved surface seem easy. Good luck with your sales. :)