Sunday, October 7, 2012

as seen on pinterest...

It's true... me and a million others are addicted to Pinterest. 
When i need inspiration or an idea and I am bone dry,
I head to Pinterest. 
Here are some ideas to get you inspired to 
make your own gratitude book for our
November Challenge
(info to follow at the bottom of these cool pics)
This one would be super simple. Just some index cards, or card printed on the computer that you just fill in. Or... how about cutting some old cardstock for scrapbooking and write on that. You punch a hole, tie a ribbon through and you are done.
pssst..... there is a give away of a handmade lindsay journal over there in the right hand column... go and do it now!

My favorite way to bind a bunch of random pices of papers, envelopes, photos, tags etc... is with rings. Just "O" rings from the office supply store. Get a punch and punch holes in any and everything you want to add and you are done. Easy Peasy.
this one is a pre made journal that the just made a cool cover for it with scrapbooking papers and stickers. Very simple
Ok, found my personal favorite one on etsy. The shop is called Briggie Sticks and she is using my favorite medium... kraft paper with colored pencils and gel pens. It's $25 if you want to buy it... a bargin if you ask me. Or get some paper and doodle your own. Then just fill it in in November.... so here is the info.


I hope you all will participate
it will be cathardic... and creative!
John Travolta has a quote, that is,
find something every day to be happy about or look forward to. 
and that's what I am going to make you make a committment to this very thing for November. 
You need a book, or a series of papers, or pages,or
cards... or something
to create 
22 days of gratitude
Things that make you happy, make you thankful,
make you look forward to...make you smile.

(by the way... thanks to my friend JOY for the idea!)


Erin (Homemade Cards by Erin) said...

Great idea, are you going to teach a class and that way I'd actually make one instead of looking at other folks' fabulous creations.

Trece said...

I'm not sure where to comment, but I'll leave one here. I REALLY like the journal shown in the top photo. It reminds me of Ingrid Dijkers' work.

Traceyr said...

Oh what a cool journal that kraft paper one is. That made me smile.


jamesmitges said...

Whenever you go and where ever you go. Be it the spa, a hotel or any-where else, its not the surrounding that gets inside you, it`s the inspirational music that plays with your mind and the environment around you..