Saturday, October 6, 2012

Finally... it's fall

Finally, it's fall...
and that means, 
time for a new challenge.
 November 1st...
we will start
Daily Dose of Gratitude
I hope you all will participate
it will be cathardic... and creative!
John Travolta has a quote, that is,
find something every day to be happy about or look forward to. 
and that's what I am going to make you make a committment to this very thing for November. 
You need a book, or a series of papers, or pages,or
cards... or something
to create 
22 days of gratitude
Things that make you happy, make you thankful,
make you look forward to...make you smile.
Get it????
So.... go out
Get a journal, or a book, or some papers that you 
can punch holes in and tie together...
22 pages.
I thought not.
I'll be back with more info!

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