Sunday, January 27, 2013


 Friend and fellow blogger Cory Dogwood brings us these sweet pages for her Home Sweet Home entry...
 When i grow up... i wanna be cory. She makes dolls, blankets, hats and scarves and donates them to all kinds of charities where they get given to folks that need them and get comfort from them. In my defense... Cory is retired. So, as soon as i get to retire... maybe i will get to be just like her ... one day.
She also makes aprons. And wears them. With her tutu's and crowns and waves a magic wand sometimes too. I love this entry cory... you have inspired me to get mine done.
Who else wants to show me what around their home inspires them?
not too late - our contest is over January 31st... so email me your
art inspired by something meaningful in your home.

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Dogwood said...

Thanks to you Lindsay.
You have been my inspiration for thinking outside the box and pushing my limits with my crafting and sewing.