Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday Workday....

 well... another Wednesday has come and almost gone and no workday wednesday turtorial. I have such good intentions... really i do. But i work, every Wednesday... every day and this Wednesday is our busiest day at work. I am pooped. Sorry ladies. I will do one before the year is out. Having to work for a living sucks. 

this little journal above is a private one in honor of my daughter leaving the nest. That's what it's called "Empty Nest". I might share it one day. She is packing this week and I went around and took pics of all the things that were "her". She is our baby. We will be all alone... now what? Anyway... i did make it this week
also... this is my HOME SWEET HOME entry... so
i guess i will post it on February 1st

This is a book of poems by EE Cummings.
A girl at my work asked if i could letter it on a dish towel for her to embroider for her man friend for Valentines. She is going to a knitting show this week and is taking it with her. . . .so when i see it again, it should look very different.

 Last but not least is a journal I have been working on for almost a year. The pages in it are fabulous... really. I love it. It's headed off to Art Journaling Magazine and i am sure they will be within their pages soon. I will share them in a bit.
So... like two days before we end our HOME SWEET HOME contest... email me what your home inspired you to make...
there is still time to win a super cool prize from me...


Gypsy said...

Feeling your empty nest pain, Jaclyn is packing for KOREA! We most likely won't see her for at least 2 years...I am besides myself! I am going to miss her...A LOT.

Shana said...

Try writing your Workday Wednesday post a little bit at a time throughout the week. They you can just post it on Wednesday. There should be a save as draft feature.

I'm not sure what it will be like for me when my nest is empty. My baby has already flown, but my next older is still here. He has a job and pays rent.