Friday, January 4, 2013

whatcha doin?

 Just wanted to share a bit of what I have been up to in the New Year.
I made this super fun sign for a friends granddaughter's
second birthday with a bunch of her favorite things.
 I finished a page in a birdhouse book for a group
project I am working in... here's the front
and the back....

But, by far my favorite project was an apron for my friends Neice. She lives in New Jersey and was right in the path of Hurricane Sandy. Her neighbors were heavily effected with damage to their homes. They, however... had a generator and very little damage to their home.
 Without even giving it much thought... she offered up her home for food, washing clothes, a place to stay. Whatever her neighbors needed. 

 weeks later... they were still all there using her washing machine, eating, hanging out... staying there. She was a bit overwelmed and realized that she felt like she was running a hotel.
My friend commissioned me to make her an apron with their last name.
Le' Hotel Tompson.... 10/29 through 11/18
so excited to hear how she like it.

what have you been up to? I would love to see...
share with me at

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vicki said...

Hi Lindsay
Your blog is loaded in for the Grow Your Blog party -- latest updates are on my blog -- I look forward to your special posting on the 19th -- good luck!