Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Weekely Wednesday WorkDay

 This little pouch has been in my head for a while now. I thought i would make it and offer it up as a Weekely Wednesday Workday... even though i am going to my full time job today, you guys should try and make one for you. 

I sketched out the basic shape and then defined it with a ruler. I traced it onto the fabric that I wanted to use and began the sewing. The hardest part for me, a non pattern using girl, was to figure out how to place the pocket. 

Here is the pocket which is a double pocket  that has places for my PITT pens, a watercolor brush and my cel phone. The big pouch holds all my watercolor paper and chipboard so I can journal wherever I go!

Button holes have never been a doable thing for me so with free motion stitching, i aced this one. It was super cute and funky.
Here is a peek inside the pouch.
And the finished piece with the button and the flap ( my personal favorite part of the pouch)
and... a little sneek peek of what I am working on inisde the pouch
Here is the flap all finished up... prettiful, huh
I use a rag or a piece of muslin to wipe my brush off on. Well... i decided to add color to the free motion quilting part by wiping the brush off onto the fabric. I am loving using it and adding in the color. I am already working on phase two of this pouch. I need it a bit bigger with a gusset. Yikes.... can i really pull off a gusset? We shall see....
what are you working on?
I have one new piece to post from friend Claudia for our Home Sweet Home challenge...
any other takers????
send them to me at


Julia said...

Oh so cute. Love this. Might have to figure out how to do this once my sewing machine gets out of the box.

ScatterJoy said...

Love this, just scored an upholstery sample book with beautifully coordinated fabric samples that will be perfect for this project! Can NOT wait for your 49 other weekly ideas! ~joy