Thursday, January 10, 2013

winner winner chicken dinner

So it's time to enter to win....
tomorrow morning i will be drawing a winner. Actually, I think Charley the wild and wacky dog will pick a winner. But who cares... still a winner will be drawn.
 I'm not sure yet what I am gonna give away or even how many things I will give. I am cleanning out everything at work and at home. I love creating things but I am not too hip on keeping them. The fun is in the making to me. So... we shall see.
 So to win... you need to leave a comment here. If you want to be entered more than once... you can become a fan of my facebook page at 
and enter there... then, share that page and you will get a 
bonus entry!
Not a bonus entry... this is amazing.
Oh did i forget to tell you that I am in the new Winter 2013 Art Journaling Magazine from Stampinton and Co. I am!!! Page 38, i think. I have an upcoming article in Somerset Studios in the Lively Art of Lettering, and an apron in Apron-o-olgy and then Doodle Tops in Altered Couture... wow, what else. Ok... that's enough shameless promotion. Back to the give away.
I might just give this peice away... I do love it. But it should go to a good home. SO what are you waiting for??? Go and comment, then become a fan of my facebook page, then share it. You will get three chances to win!!!!
Good luck!


Joan V said...

Oh, I would give your work a wonderful home. Congrats on making it in another magazine. Guess I will have to go in search of the magazines at our Barnes and Nobles. Have a great day and thanks for sharing your art.

lindsay ostrom said...

everyone says they can't comment.... let me see if this works for me. If not... go to my facebook page.

Claudia said...

I love, love your art! Please consider doing an online class---drawing...lettering...etc.! Thanks for the inspirations!

ScatterJoy said...

I loved your article...and I would love to give your cuteness a good home. I always smile BIG when I look at your art! ~joy

connie said...

love your art work

Danielle Janecek said...

Ha!!! Art Journaling is actually how I found out about you!!!