Wednesday, April 10, 2013

all the loot

 I have been feeling guilty because i haven't had a free moment to post pictures of what I have recieved. Well - tonight i dusted the sawdust off the hubby's carpenter camera and took a group shot.
 Having broke my camera this past month and not been able to afford a new one, it's been kinda tough. I have done artwork and haven't taken pics of it, sent mail that i normally would have taken pic's of it and went through Easter without the normal amount of pictures. Oh well.... soon enough and I will be buying a new one.
Yes, that's my living room floor. Well over 55 pieces of mail, fan mail ( yep, i got me a fan letter, some handmade gifts and fabulous art have been recieved so far by me. I was feeling a bit down today because someone tore down my National Letter Writing Month banner at my mailboxes. Now, we live in the middle of nowhere... so not sure who would have done it or why. It was torn to pieces. But i decided to come inside and get busy creating new mail. No one can keep this mail art freak down. Thank you all for all the amazing mail... replies are in the works.


Dawn said...

Sorry someone ripped down your banner--clearly they're not getting enough fun mail! But look at all those goodies!! Wow! And fan mail! Love it!

Claudia said...

Has anyone ever told you you're like the Energizer Bunny??? ;-)

carol hodges said...

How can I join in on this "fun" stuff