Thursday, December 26, 2013

2014... it's gotta be better than this year!

 So, i have joined this group on Facebook that was started by
(one of my favorite artists)
it's where you buy a moleskin 2014 planner or create your own 
and each week we will be given a challenge
an art challenge or an organizing challenge, 
and you know how i love a challenge...
 It starts January 1st and I have been so inspired by 
everyone's enthusiasim...
it's what's keeping me afloat right now. 

my husband is still recovering from being hit head on by a drunk driver 
in October and then, we found out the day before Christmas that we were hit by fraud because of that whole Target fiasco. To the tune of over $15,000. It will all be ok eventually... but for now, it's just devistating. I am not sure that I can take one more hit this year. 
2014 is my year
It is...
I am planning on it.
and making a planner to commence the planning of the best year yet.

and in case you wanna come and play with us...
check out the links above or click on

and here is my little gift to all of you 
participating or not.

A montly calendar
choose the fully decked out Linzi-fied one 
or the bare bones one
Print it out on whatever cool paper you choose to be 8 3/4" wide and then you will fold it in half to fit into the book... by 7 1/2 " high so it doesn't stick out of the book. Let me know if you have issues printing either one out. I am not good with this PDF stuff.

Here's to a much BETTER 2014!


Erin (Homemade Cards by Erin) said...

well I know that you and I have a date sometime after the new year, and that is bound to perk you up!

Deanna Anthony said...

That's an awesome calendar! Thanks so much! I'm going to use it if you don't mind! I am also on the Document your life FB page with you! I have never done a project like this so it will surely be interesting! I'm hoping to develop some 'artsy' habits!

Leslie Blair said...

Thank you for the calendar, Lindsay. I will be joining you on the Document Your Life project, too. Looking forward to a good (better) new year!

annp said...

Lindsay thank you again for the calendar insert! Also I hope 2014 will be a much better year. So Sorry for all you have been through!
happy new year!

Gabrielle Fabian said...

Hi Lindsay, Thank you for sharing the cute calendar template. What a terrible set of circumstances this year. 2014 opens the door to many new - and wonderful - things to do and people to meet. Sending your husband lots of positive healing energy as well!

Dawn Jones said...

Thank you for the calendar Lindsay!! So sorry for all of your's to a much better 2014!

Anonymous said...

So sorry you had such a tough year! I keep thinking it builds character. Boy, we have character in spades after this year!

Just joined the group and am looking forward to documenting a MUCH better 2014!

Cathy von Hassel-Davies said...

Thank you for the calendar. I'm also doing the Document Your Life and found you through FB. You really had a rough year. I know 2014 will be your year!!!