Friday, May 23, 2014

Flat Fanny and Friends

The air is getting warm, i cleanned out my trailer for her 
first camping trip of the season and there is a certain
smell in the air....
and you know what that means...

Time for you all to print her out, color her in, cut her out and take her with you wherever you go this season. Send me pics or post them on our FACEBOOK PAGE -
Flat Fanny and Friends. 
I will be uploading a pic of her friend Felix and her new friend Freida this week. And i am hoping to do some accessories for her too. The idea here is to take her wherever you go and take pics of her doing all the fun things you do this summer. 

Send me pics to my email at
or post them to the Flat Fanny and Friends page on Facebook.

Got it?
Ok.... now go out and seize the summer!!!!


Yummers! said...

As a retired teacher, I'm familiar with Flat Stanley. What a fun spin-off Flat Fanny is for the kids. I love her little suitcase... such fun! Hmmmm... I may have to print one for myself and take her with me for the Summer. Thanks for the time and effort you put in to creating her. You're such a sweet person!

Createology said...

Thank you Linz. Flat Fanny is ready for Summer and she is super cute. YOU are the Creator of Cuteness my friend. Fanny Bliss...

massofhair said...

Never seen such lovliness, fantastic creation. Will download but not on FB. Thank you very much for sharing such a delight:-) xxx

Traceyr said...

Thanks Lindsay I'll have summer fun with flat fanny.

Thanks for the download.