Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Junk journal

Tomorrow ... 9/11... Is a day I remember well. I know about what happened in New York and that was a horrible event. That same day was the beginning of the end of my career. Well that's how I see it. That morning when the planes hit those towers, I was packing for yet another trip to appear in QVC. It had been awhile and a lot of hard work to get back to that place in my career. After experiencing what everyone else did, the fear set in. I quit everything. I was paralyzed to fly and  for me that meant no work. I never made it to QVC. Someone else took my place. That's a long story for another time. I quit traveling and became a stay at home whatever I am.
That was 13 years ago and so much has changed. My husband sees 13 as an unlucky number. Not me. I have been working so hard over the years to get back to that happy place and tomorrow , 9/11... I hope is a beginning of a new day for me. 
Tomorrow I will be the guest blogger on Stampington  and co's blog. A huge honor for me. It will be a tutorial  for one ofy junk journals. To see more of this sweet little book you will have to head over to their site -

I hope you will all head over their and leave a comment. I really enjoyed doing this for them and I am putting it out to the universe now. This is what I want to do. Art. Full time. I live it and love it.  So it's now out there- let's see what happens. I hope you enjoy the junk journal and never let your fears keep you from doing what you truly love!

And please leave a comment!!!


karenb00 said...


leti49 said...

just awesome! i loved it as much as i loved the one published much as i love everything you do!
thanks for being such an inspiration.

Renee said...

Thanks so much for sharing your how-to, I love that journal.

Maureen Hayes said...

I came over from Stampington because I loved you junk journal so much I wanted to learn more. I saw what your wrote about 9/11, and I understand, I lived through it NYC and it is hard not to let the fear take over. With your talent I truly believe you WILL be doing this full time. Thank you for sharing your talent and inspiration with us.

Laura Strack said...

Oh Lindsey, Your junk journal is total cuteness! I had to come visit, thanks to your Stampington post. Thank God you haven't quit creating! You are way too talented to become a hostage to fear. That's exactly what those crazy hijackers wanted to do to all of us and I'll be darn if I let them and you obviously feel the same. Proud of you for fighting through your fears. I'm sure it has made you a better artist. Thank you for the beautiful and FUN inspiration!! You rocked it, girl.

Jeanne-Sylvie said...

Hello, i just discover your blog thanks to your awesome tutorial on Stampington's blog. I love this journal so much!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
Best regards.

Jeanne said...

The gal introducing your project said we were in for a wonderful treat and she was so right. Thank you so much; you have inspired me to get going. I also love the cards you have on your blog.

Trish Meiser said...

I'm so glad to have found your blog! Love the junk journal and am looking forward to more inspiration.

Jen said...

I just came over from the Stampington article and need to flick back through my Art Journaling mag to find the rest of your work. I just LOVE your Junk Journaling - I hadn't thought to incorporate fabric into them like this but the way you've scrunched it up together and layered them with those fortune cookies sayings really appeals.

Well, I don't believe 13 is unlucky - if anything it gave you the chance to take a step towards full time art. You are making it happen - nice!