Friday, February 12, 2016

My Beating Heart

Today, I did my first PERISCOPE video!
It was great!
I planned on doing a 10 minute little walk through of this lettering
on my Valentine for my honey bunny...
and well, 43 minutes later - I finished!
It was so fun.
So, here is a download in case any of you want to print
your own and try your hand at lettering....
I hope to have the full video up on You Tube or here
on the blog... later on today.
Gotta get back to shooting video for my classes!
ooooh and, we decided to do a Periscope a month ( for now )
on Friday's with an art journaling prompt that will accompany
it here on the blog. So you will get the prompt on the blog and the list of supplies you will need and we will journal together on periscope!
Sound like fun???
I think so. So stay tuned for a schedule for that!


Here is the download.
Happy Valentines Day!!!

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