Wednesday, February 17, 2010

DAY 17..........

Guess what time it is? Well, actually... it's 9:26 on day 17 of the DO SOMETHING CREATIVE EVERY DAY in February challenge on Lindsay's blog... but to Joy and almost everyone else in the world it's GIRL SCOUT COOKIE TIME. Joy creatively arranged all her boxes of cookies in her garage tonight! I can't wait to get mine... did you order yours?
Here's what I have been working on while waiting for pictures from you all to upload. My mini pics... these are 4 x4" and these I have incorporated book pages to the art. I love trees... but i am trying my hand at lamps.... ( by the way... did i mention these are for sale - soon at )
Cory is attending a girlfriends weekend in a few weeks and needed to take some baby pics... so this is her little mini book she made today to take with her. Which one is Cory... hmmmm...
This is a card i got in the mail today from my bailey.... all made out of snips and scraps. She and I are attending a deaf crop on Saturday. Her AA is in deaf studies... should be quiet :)
Tami at my work is the jean embellishment queen. I love these jeans she finished a few weeks ago. A few weeks ago they fit... but not anymore. She has lost so much weight they slide right off of her. I told her to make bags out of them!
This is the bottom of one of the legs... aren't they cool?
And... Tami's uber crafty mama, Sher who lives in Oregon made this super di duper cool purse for Tami for her birthday. This (above) is the back side and below is the front.
You should have seen the inside and all the pockets. Sher... my birthday is September 2nd and my favorite color is green... hehehe!
Gail sent me her usual full weeks worth of photos in one day! This one is an ATC that she made and a card as a thank you gift for a Sierra ATC's friend.... cute!
On Valentines Day, Gail and her bestest buddy Chris went to a Stampin' Up party and made a bunch of cute cards. Nice Gail...
These are a bunch of cards that she made from Penny Black stickers and stamps. Beautiful

If you remember the post from yesterday, you know that Judith did a little Zentangle sun. She stayed up until 3am and worked on this 6"x15" (apx.) piece for her Grandaughters dorm room at CalPoly. I think she has a new found talent... how about you? She learned all that in ONE class!

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Dogwood said...

If you are still wondering which of those little girls is me, then I would love to tell you.

I am the little rascal on the left and my older sissy on my right is Linda.