Thursday, February 18, 2010

DAY 18..... 18 down... ten to go!

DAY 18..... we are almost home free. 10 more days to the challenge! For those new to us... welcome. This is a 28 day challenge to DO SOMETHING CREATIVE EVERYDAY! At the end of the challenge... all participants will have their names put in a hat and be randomly drawn to win 2 handmade goodies by me... a tote, an altered journal and maybe one of the mini art pieces below! Above is some fabric that I am looking everywhere for... it's Sweetwater for Moda. I have 3 people who all want a few yards each. Anyone have any thoughts?
Enjoy the creative entries for today... DAY 18.................
I worked on a few more little mini paper pieces today. This one is done with pieces of old romance novels...
this one is with the new hot trend... banners. They are everywhere right now. Bright colors... so not me....
Chis made these big flowers for a flower challenge that we are working on right now... really cute Chris... Good job with the sewing!
Chris also took a bit of time to enjoy the beautiful day outside and took care of some wild violets in her yard.
Beth is also working on her craft space. It looks too clean for me... but it looks very inspirational!
I guess flowers are on everyone's mind today with the beautiful weather out west. Beth made flowers on stems for a challenge she is playing in. I can't wait to see the rest of the flowers!!!
Cory is busy wrapping little handmade gifts in orange papers for her girlfriends weekends. I wish one was for me!
This was on a blog of one of the new SRM Press Design Team Members blogs ( sorry, can't remember who's- i looked at them all)... and I just loved it. To visit design team members, check
Joy is putting us all to shame working on some ideas for next years CHRISTMAS cards. Really? Yes... that's Joy! She makes 75 at a time, so she is looking for simple and quick. These are really cute!


Susan said...

Love your 28 Days project. I loved that quote too. It was on Tania's blog. To view the SRM Stickers Blog go to You can click on Tania's blog from there. Hugs.

Cath Wilson said...

Just had a quick look through the first couple of pages of your blog and love it. There's some great stuff on there - you have such a natural eye for design. I'm bookmarking but will also had you to my Blogroll because you're so inspiring. Thank you for taking the time to share all you do. Love those little book page creations, especially the house!

Cindy S said...

Saw your fabric here.