Friday, February 19, 2010

DAY 19....... do something creative everyday

DAY 19.... of the DO SOMETHING CREATIVE EVERY DAY 28 day challenge in February. I just have to say that with 8 day's left... I have to say that I am truly humbled by the pieces that have come in every day. No matter if it's cooking, gardening, finding creativity in nature or crafting... the creativity has been breathtaking. Thank you all for playing. I am gonna try and make one more goodie to give away so that there will be 4 winners. We shall see what the weekend will bring to my creative juices! Now on to today's entries... enjoy!
Well... I was just about to close the computer when I found these little gems in my in box. Karen made these paper flowers at a scrapbook nite at a neighbors.... these are out of dictionary paper with a hand sewn button. Nice!

Karen made this one from scraps of scrapbooking papers. What can't you do? These are beautiful.... thanks!
This is Mary's first post but she tells me that she has been doing something creative everyday.... We believe you Mary:) So this is one half of a cute page she did in honor of Valentine's Day.. LOVE the ribbons.

This is the other half of the layout and I really love the pocket and the woven heart. Thanks Mary.
This is a plate from Crate and Barrel that my friend Paula wanted in bright colors with a peace sign in the middle. She is hanging it in her new fun and funky living room that she is designing.
Here it is up close and personal. Peace and love everyone!
This is another one of the fabulous zentangles that alot of the girls learned this week. This one is done by Chris and she even framed it. Love these... and I love the RED accents!
Joy is now a member of the "2 Christmas cards a day until I am done with all 75" club! She has 4 done so far for her cards this Christmas... how many do you all have done... hmmmmmm?
Gail had a challenge this week with another group to make 3 flowers to be a part of a planter box of flowers of all different mediums. This are out of old aluminum cans... I love them Gail!
She also had some ATC cards ( artist trading cards ) due for her Cyber Scribe group that had to be a cosmos themes... great colors here Gail.
Cory said that the weather in San Francisco was wet and gloomy today, so it was a great day to make a blanket with leftover yarns for Project Linus.... looks super cozy!
This is Chris' first attempt at a Zentangle. I think it looks incredible and I love the play on words... very sunny, i mean funny Chris!!!

I think this was from Chris and it must be one of God's creative things for todays challenge... a beautiful little mushroom growing out of the moss in Chris' garden.

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