Saturday, February 27, 2010

DAY 27...... one more to go!

Oh don't be sad that it's the day before the last day of the 28 day DO SOMETHING CREATIVE EVERYDAY challenge. Because three people will win something cool made by me and we get to start a new challenge on Monday March 1st. You're gonna like that one too... so here goes for DAY 27!!!!
Oh my gosh... what took me so long to purchase a free motion pressure foot? Thank heavens i have one now. I'm truly in love... no time to blog... i gotta go sew!
Ok... i finally pushed myself over the crazy limit. I shamed someone into posting pics! My friend Loretta sent an e-mail telling me how much she liked the 28 day challenge.... i asked her where were her pics..... an hour later.... i got these. Thanks Loretta for playing. This is a My House project that she has started. Very fun.
This shows a couple of pages in one of Loretta's infamous Hybrid Journals. She is the master of junkmail, magazine, old books and scraps to be sewn into pages of her journals. I love them.
Well Hoppy Easter... Joy has found something she loves more than making Christmas cards.... Easter Cards! She got inspired by the dollar bins at Ben's.... very cute Joy!
ahhh... nothing like a picture perfect day, a mammogram and a new free motion pressure foot. Life is good! Gotta go sew.....
Leave it to Bailey to just whip up a little collage in an afternoon. She did this gem in an old box with lots of cool ephermea. It's her friend Julie's 21st birthday... Happy Birthday.
I love the glasses and the cute little fabric banner.... and the poem from Shel Silversten. Love it bee!!!
My Riley and her friend Kayla got creative this morning with the breakfast they made us... who is that mouse in the shape of a pancake? M-I-C-K-E-Y!!!
Cory honored the 28 day challenge today with a paper college. It reads... thank you Lindsay for the 28 day challenge, thank you Lindsay for your continued support, thank you Lindsay for your lovely creativity
And it says... I had lots of fun, I am a pooped Cat... One more day... yippie it's not over yet! I need a tissue. This is like getting a virtual Oscar!!! Thanks Cory. I think that no one has had more fun than me!!! Get some rest - the next challenge starts MONDAY!!!
Jennifer has gone crazy for beading this month. I don't know much about it to tell you what she did ... but i love the colors of this necklace and it looks like Julia Roberts should have worn this in Pretty Woman! Beautiful.
This one... should just come to my house! Jennifer made this little jewel as well... great chunky twisted beady thing that it is! Very pretty Miss Jennifer!
Here is a sneak peek at Gail's ATC's that she is making for her Sierra ATC group. The theme is CIRCLES..... hmmmm... looks intriguing.
Gail also made a pretty little altered rice-a-roni box from all the parts and pieces that she got from her UGRA luncheon a few weeks back... nice job Gail! I love the braided raffia handle.

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