Friday, February 26, 2010


It's not easy being GREEN!!!
so for this challenge, it's all about GREEN! There are a few ways to achieve the true green in this challenge.
The first is to reduce, reuse and recycle. GO GREEN! When you make your project, think about what you can recycle and reuse around your home or office. Think.... boxes, bags, wrapping paper tubes, dryer sheets, old paper cups, tinfoil... and so on and so on. Just a few ideas for starters.
The next would be to use the color GREEN. Anything green goes... lime , sage, olive, mint, clover, grass, green tea... whatever shade of green you choose.
And finally.... Irish Green. SInce it is March and St. Patrick's day is the 17th... that will be our last day to enter the contest! So, pick something that has to do with St. Patrick's day... clovers, shamrocks. Ireland, leprechauns, rainbows, pots of gold... got it?
Last but not least is the real GREEN!!! Money, money and more money. This part is a secret for now. That's the second part of the challenge. So for now - ... here's the low down.

1. Make a project (yes, one - what a relief) that involves one or more of the greens.
2. e-mail it to me... Lindsay... by March 17th. (this one works best for e-mail photos, send as an attachment please)
3. Be willing to PART with your project. Say what? That's the secret part that involves the real green... money. I'll explain that on the 18th. That's ( the second part of the challenge. And the prize will be reviled on the 18th as well....

So... bottom's up!
On your mark.... get set....
Get ready for a great month of creative green-ness! Let's make those other blogs... green with envy!


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