Saturday, February 27, 2010

DAY 28......

Well... the 28 Day challenge to DO SOMETHING CREATIVE EVERY DAY is officially over. You will have to look at all the entries for the day and then find the three winners at the bottom. I would like to thank everyone who played in this challenge with me! Check back tomorrow and we begin our MARCH CHALLENGE!!! Yippie... something to look forward to. Really guys... this has been as much fun for me as i know it has been for you. Thanks again.
Amy Gordon-Pruden is very prolific... and late! She sent me everything she has done for the last 28 days all at once, today. But it was worth it. Here is her one quilt that she says is very "boy" friendly for her son Wyatt!
This one is my favorite... she made it for her mom and it's a flying geese pattern. The best thing about it is that i got all the scraps yesterday for my scrappy scarves... thanks babe!
This picture is of some great cards that Chris did today. Sadly, she needed some sympathy cards and made these two. I think they will be very well appreciated Chris... nice work.
Karen B. spent her day with her granddaughters and daughter-in-law making paper purses. She said her house looked like project runway when they were done! So sweet.
Joy was busy today coming up with craft ideas for her girl scout troop's meetings this month. She went with this cute little pin cushion from a jar complete with a place to stow the thimbles and thread. Cute Joy!
Today... i worked on many projects... but mainly i did this little art book called "The Art Gallery" - an UGRA ( under ground rail artists ) project started by Janet.
Yep... lately I have been eating, sleeping and breathing art!
My new pressure foot and I are attached at the hip and today... "I am my art"! Can't wait for tomorrow.... drawing the winners and beginning a new challenge!
Cory and her best bud Rocky spent the afternoon getting ideas for next month's challenge by looking thru craft magazines... wait until you see the theme!!! Looks like a cozy day Cory.
Here are a few more pics from Amy P. I love this picture from Amy P. We met yesterday at a cool shop in Loomis called The Tin Thimble. It's in the old fruit shed and they sell alot of vintage patterns, laces and fabrics. I think this is a vintage dress pattern that Amy bought... she's making a dress. I hope it's for me!
Amy P. is making these great camera straps for ETSY! She is making them out of the fabrics that she has scraps of from her quilts. She is making camera straps and dog leashes and collars... if anyone wants info... just e-mail me.
Paula finally learned how to upload a picture... good job paula... very proud of you! And i am not sure if this photo was taken by Paula or her Photo major daughter Susie... whomever took it... it's really cool. Love it. Thanks for the RAINBOW!
This photo was taken by Dianne... last night, near Cambria while walking on the beach.... well... read her words. She is a writer and far more eloquent than I at putting words together.

Went for a walk at midnight in the crisp full moon light down to the beach to see what I could see.
There the waves kept throwing their stark white lace over the sands, applauding themselves as they drew back their finely patterned curtain into Mother Ocean’s embrace. Bold as they were, they tickled the feet of the bluffs- bolder than I. I did not take their dare of walking amongst them.Crossing back up the highway, I danced northward a spell, up the center lane, that dance floor devoid of all life forms (except perhaps those lurking in the shadows which did not threaten me). Piedras Blancas Lighthouse egged me on, blinking in code “because you can, because you can.” The light of half day half night lit my steps.
The spring that runs down my street when it swells with such rains as we’ve had of late, courses over the eroded pavement and gravel, making a merry sound that well accompanies the cacophony of high tide.
After a long day’s work and a visit to the local saloon to dance and embrace a few old friends, it dawned on me almost as brightly as that giant luminescent bulb overhead, how blessed a life I live

Thank you dianne.... beautiful. She had to take the photo upside down and backwards, with the shutter open ( i think) and used the full moon as her writing utensil.... love it!!!
Gail was inspired by some line art cards that i made and gave to her at an UGRA event. She took them, colored them and is starting to make them into cards. I think they look marvelous!!!

Francine made a Shrine that she started on back in Fall at a book club challenge. She started with a teeny tiny matchbook and made it into a fabulous shrine to a Mermaid.

This is the MeRmAId shrine when it is closed. It's only a 2 1/2" matchbox... so super cute and super tiny. Very Cool Francine... I am gonna go make a shrine today - i'm inspired!

OK... as promised. Here are all the players... Thanks again to Cory and Joy ( who graced us with their projects almost every day) - and Judith, Karen B., Jennifer / JP, Jennifer M., Dianne, Paula, Shana, Karen S., Mary, Emmy and Grace ( our two kid crafters ), Amy P., Loretta, Heather, Denise, Michal, Tami, Gail, Chris, Janet C., Beth, Susan, Francine, Bev, Bee and Me!!!! That should total up to 28 if i figured correct. Pretty Cool, huh!

DRUM ROLL PLEASE.... and the winners are....
1. Cory
2. Judith M.
3. Paula H.

congrats to all! Please e-mail me if you see your name here to claim your prize. I will mail it or deliver it to you this week!
Thanks again!!!!


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Dogwood said...

Oh...goodie~I am so pleased to be a winner of your fun 28 day challenge!

I will pick-up my prize at Ben's. I am pretty sure I will be in GV on Wednesday, March 3rd. If not, I will email you before I go to Ben's in the very near future.

Thank you so much!!!