Thursday, April 1, 2010

All my dreams came true today....

- i got on the scale and weigh 120 ( like always)
- i got a raise, a car and a company credit card
- my mortgage was paid off ( by some rich dead uncle)
- i won the HGTV Dream House
- I received a basket of baby bunnies on my doorstep
- my husband gave me an airstream trailer
- Martha called and offered me a job
- Scholastic offered me a 12 series book deal
- i won mother of the year
- I hit the jackpot at the indian casino
- i got my own crafting tv show ( thanks to carol duvall)-

...ok, you get the idea.


go out and fool someone today.

and.... mail a card or a letter to someone... it's the start of National Card and Letter Writing Month!!!!

1 comment:

Dogwood said...

You are a funny lady. But, I really do wish you did receive all of those great things! Hugs, Cory