Friday, April 2, 2010

a few envelopes....

Just a peek at a few envelopes that i mailed today.... this one is for my friend Joy, who sent me a fabulous easter card. Thanks Miss Joy!!!
Simple and easy envelope addressing. After you do your lettering, color in all the letters that are closed in - o's, e's, p's etc. It's quick and easy... come on... try it!
Ok... these two are a bit more involved. This is for my friend, Karen; who told me the other day that she got a very boring plain white envelope in the mail from me. How disapointing! Ok... I hope this one makes up for it!
How about that cute stuffy bunny with a missing eye? I hope he gets a new one from the Easter bunny!

This one went to my baby girl and her roomies for Easter... the is that cute stuffy bunny again. Tomorrow... i am gonna try and sew a bunny like that. Wish me luck.
I hope you all mailed a few cards and letters today. Here's to a great Easter weekend. Good Friday to ya!!!

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karenb00 said...

I got my Linzi envelope and card in the mail today!...Fabulous!!