Wednesday, April 14, 2010

a few more cards....

Hello Blog Pals.... Happy Humpday!
Here are a few more letters sent home! The one above is a
corraspondence kit sent to Beth from from Jeni. It's super cute and has two pens with it, 2 journals and a fun postcard. Really sweet Jeni... and lucky girl beth!!!
These three entries are to Sherry.... all in her mailbox today. The first is from Joy and has a fun pocket with a tag.
This one is from Eileen to Sherry. I love how all of Eileen's cards are similar with a pretty edge and then all a bit different.
And this one is to Sherry from Gail... love the colors and the blocks. Nice.

And this was a random meeting of Blog Pals, here locally in Grass Valley. They all ran into each other at Starbucks . It was Cory, Tamara and Judith... and Judith took the picture i think. Looks like they were swapping ATC's... but they all said how fun it was to meet each other and nice to make some new friends! I agree!!!

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